excerpts from “Listening Well: West Africans Speak on Poverty and the Global Church”

What are the causes of poverty?

“There are many causes – ignorance, idol worship, slavery and neo-colonialist structures, political systems – it all creates poverty. But it is also partially created by the approaches of many of the first missionaries and poverty alleviation workers: they created dependency, which cements poverty.”

– Togolese Leaders


What can the foreign church do to better partner with you?

“They should try to appreciate the African culture – identify the positive aspects of African culture, and respect African churches and people as being created in the image of God.”

– Togolese Leaders


“They could support us through training in education, health, and theology in the context of specified partnerships that respect each other.”

– Malian and Togolese Leaders


“They should ask our opinions before coming to help. Don’t just plan in your offices and then come here and do it to us . . . they sometimes think the money is more valuable than human beings. The African church can think and reflect on what we need. Foreign countries try to think for us!”

– Malian and Togolese Leaders




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