post-uganda ponderings…

Back in April, I was in Uganda for 10 days with Attack Poverty ( We helped put on a medical clinic, attended well dedication celebrations, and basically got to see what’s going on with development in Uganda. I’m so grateful to have had that experience because it’s given me some direction regarding my own personal next steps..

Here are some thoughts I had after the trip…

“As much as I loved seeing what’s going on in Uganda, I’m realizing that my heart is here in America. Recent news stories about bombings, kidnappings, murders, etc. really sadden me, and I’m often tempted to just ignore what’s going on. But then I think about 1) the abundant resources we have here in America, and 2) the incredible work that Africa Renewal Ministries has done in Uganda… (

What if churches in America stepped up like ARM churches have in Uganda? What if church leaders here were discipled and specifically equipped to lead holistic societal transformation within their communities? What if churches here intentionally partnered with other organizations with different strengths to more effectively address community needs? I love that many of our churches are already caring for our neighbors and communities on an individual level.. but imagine what it could be like if churches and organizations across America were trained by Christ-focused community development experts and then mobilized to partner together in transforming our communities! (If anyone knows an organization that does this, please let me know!)”


a few of the super-enthusiastic kids we met in Uganda 🙂


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